Our wish list

If you or your business are looking for unique ways to contribute to our work or happen to have any of the items from our wish list below, we'd be extremely grateful if you would consider making an in kind donation or contribution to Save The Med!

Would you or your company like to gift something to Save The Med?

It is thanks to in kind donations that we now have our RIB, the RV Ondine, and birth for it with annual service and winter storage, medical equipment for our expeditions, dive gear and other items that are crucial for our project work. 

If you or your company would like to gift something you believe might be valuable to our Foundation, please do get in touch with us by emailing info@savethemed.org. Chances are we really need it and may in many cases in kind donations or contributions can be tax deductible for the donor. 

Some examples of items that we still need include: 

  • Desktops and laptops 
  • Dive gear (including dry suits and 12l scuba cylinders)
  • Drone 
  • UW camera gear 
  • External Hard Drives 
  • High resolution projector 
  • TV screen and sound system for awareness events 
  • Boat engine (Aux. Yamaha 30/40cc outboard motor)
  • Microscopes
  • Underwater scooters
  • Mobile phones 
  • Multi beam probe for ocean floor studies and bathymetry 
  • Electric car
  • 360 underwater camera
  • 8m research RIB
  • A submarine! 
Would you or your company like to gift something to Save The Med?