Plastic free Balearics

We work with companies to reduce their single-use plastics consumption and find honest alternatives.

Save The Med is regularly contacted by individuals as well as corporations who express a wish to become single-use-plastic-free in their everyday life and/or within their organisation. With a limited understanding of the root cause of the problems of plastic pollution, often combined with lack of time and resources to search for the right solutions, they express a need for guidance and support in the transition towards reduction of single-use plastics. 

The Plastic free Balearics Programme, which is currently under development, will therefore be an important step towards one of Save The Med's main objectives: to considerably reduce negative human impact on Balearic marine ecosystems caused by locally produced plastic pollution.

Through customised collaborations with event organisers, companies and industries we aim to achieve a significant reduction of locally produced plastic pollution.

By facilitating the crossover to honest and environmentally responsible options, and promoting single-use-plastic-free events and businesses that are transiting towards single use plastic free practices we are combining single-use-plastic-free practices with brand enhancement.

To learn more about how your organisation can benefit from participating in the Plastic free Balearics Programme, contact

BSP Partners

BSP Partners