Make a donation or organise a fundraiser

Donations and fundraising campaigns are rewarding ways for companies and individuals to support our work and give back to the sea that sustains us! Learn more below and contact us with any questions and ideas that you may have! 

Make a monetary or in kind donation

By making a donation to Save The Med, our donors help make our work possible. 

We accept monetary and in-kind donations (these are donations of items such as research equipment, computers, expedition gear, services or other items that are necessary for our work). All monetary donations and most in kind donations are tax deductible and donors are provided with a certificate of donation upon request. 

Donations can be made by individuals and legal persons/entities and are usually more advantageous in terms of tax deductions in comparison to other types of funding agreements.

Non-residents income tax payers who operate in Spanish territory without a permanent establishment may also apply this deduction. 

According to Spanish Law (49/2002) however, all donations must be irrevocable, pure and simple. This means that while we couldn’t be more grateful for the support from our donors, Save The Med cannot provide any type of "compensation" nor publicly communicate the donation.  

Instead, our donors receive a massive, private thank you and can confidently know that 100% of their donations go directly to funding our work. 

If you are a business wishing to develop a relationship with Save The Med that does include the possibility of communicating your contribution, we encourage you to read about our Corporate Partnerships here.  

Monetary donations can be made via bank transfer to: 

Fundación Save The Med

IBAN: ES34 0081 0221 1600 0169 5379


Please, send us an email to when making your donation so that we can allocate the money, personally thank you and send you your certificate of donation!

If you are looking to make an in-kind Donation, please reach out to us beforehand. 

For any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch at any point! 

Organise a fundraiser

Not everyone who wishes to contribute to marine regeneration has the financial means do to so, but anyone who is inspired to make a difference, wether you are an individual or a business, can find creative ways to fundraise!

If you would like to organise a fundraising event or campaign, please reach out to us at and share your ideas!

Organise a fundraiser