Education Programme

Plastic pollution is an issue that affects us all and we believe that everyone can be part of the solution!

Participate in the Dos Manos Schools Project and the Changemakers At Sea Project to help reduce plastic pollution and join Save the Med in our quest to study and protect Mediterranean marine wildlife. 

Dos Manos

Our Dos Manos Schools Programme explores the issue of plastic in the marine environment and the effect this has on our marine life and ourselves. It is offered to local schools with the aim of reaching and engaging as many students, teachers and parents as possible with marine conservation, ultimately helping to shape an environmentally caring and proactive local population and future generation. 

The programme is offered in English, Spanish and Catalán, and comes in two versions: one standard version for students aged 15 - 18 years, and a Junior version for students between 10 - 14 years.

During the programme we look at the impact of plastic pollution on marine ecosystems, the connectivity between human behaviour and the marine environment, and our responsibility for it.

It is a hands-on programme during which the students do a local excursion and conduct a Dos Manos beach clean up. They undertake a citizen science survey, analyse their results and discuss solutions to local problems. 

The programme raises awareness and promotes reflection on how we can replace or re-use plastic to limit its demand in our everyday life, as well as how we can prevent plastic from ending up in the environment. It inspires and empowers students to find innovative solutions to common problems caused by plastic pollution.

"What I liked the most about the programme is that it´s giving young people the opportunity to help, encouraging them to create new projects and giving them hope, helping them to believe in their ideas and to know that they are possible." -  a 15-year old student from Pius XII, after the last section of the Dos Manos School Programme.

Dos Manos

The Changemakers Project


Join the fight against plastic pollution and become a Changemaker!

We invite students from the Balearic Islands to form teams and develop ideas that can help reduce the use of plastic. By implementing their projects students will help ignite a wave of change in their communities and may get a chance to join Save The Med onboard a research vessel to participate in the study of whales, dolphins, turtles and plastics in the marine environment together with an experienced research team.

The Changemakers Project has three main parts to it:

1. The Changemakers Project

We invite students from the Balearic Islands to form teams and develop ideas that can help reduce plastic consumption. By implementing their projects students will help ignite a wave of change in their communities, and in April they will submit their projects to Save the Med Foundation.

Students aged 15 - 18 join the standard Changemakers At Sea project, while younger students 8-14 are welcome to participate in the Changemaker Junior Project. While these two separate versions differ in terms of criteria for participation, evaluation and rewards they are based on the same values and contribute to the common goal of reducing plastic pollution in the Balearics!

Scroll down to find out more about the type of project we're looking for and to download the informational leaflet corresponding to your age group to learn more and participate. 

2. The Changemakers Exhibit

An event where all teams can come together! Students from all over the islands will get together to present their projects to the public and discuss solutions to plastic pollution. Students will have a chance to view each other's projects, network, learn from each other, inspire and be inspired. Our team will view the projects and make a final decision before announcing the teams which will receive special rewards!

3. Expeditions, excursions and experiences with Save The Med

Changemakers At Sea (Students aged 15-18)

All participants will receive a Changemakers At Sea diploma. The five teams with the most impactful projects, evaluated by a panel of scientists and educators, will be announced during the Changemakers Exhibit. The teams behind the top two project will be invited to join us for an unforgettable expedition experience each during the summer. Students will help our scientists study marine life and human activities at sea, all the while gaining knowledge and skills to become true Ocean Ambassadors when they return. The remaining three teams will be invited for a one day expedition at sea. In addition, the classes of the five teams will be able to use an endowment of 500 euros from the Foundation to invest in an environmental activity, excursion or project.

Changemakers Junior (Students aged 8-14)

All participants will receive a Changemakers Junior diploma and get an opportunity to learn about the marine fauna of the Mediterranean sea,  about the scientific methods and tools used to study them and about the life of a marine scientist, together with STM's research and education team.

Meanwhile, with the feedback and suggestions from the participating schools, Save The Med will work to further develop and improve all aspects of the project for the following school years and to create fun opportunities for students from different schools to interact, share their ideas and much more!

What types of projects are we looking for?

The objective of you project will be to REDUCE THE USE of single-use plastic. We are looking for creative solutions and ideas based on the three most important Rs: 


There are no limits to how you can achieve this but we encourage you to consider the interest and talents of your team members, and think of creative ways of how you can apply them to develop a fun, creative and inspiring project! 

Who can participate?

Students in the Balearic Islands aged 15*-18 can participate in the Changemakers At Sea Project by forming small teams (see instructions in the corresponding information leaflet) and get a chance to join the Save The Med team during expeditions. (*Must turn 15 before 31/12 2023) 

Students aged 8-14 and can participate in the Changemakers Junior Project by forming one big team with their whole class (see instructions in the corresponding information leaflet). 

The event, the Changemakers Exhibit is open to everyone: teachers, students, the school community and the general public. 

Visit to learn more, sign up, see past years projects and much more!