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Join our campaign to regain the right to drink tap water!

Join our campaign to regain the right to drink tap water!

Participate in our data demand campaign to help us map drinking water quality!

Water potability and availability is a matter that concerns us all. We all have the right to transparency and control of data as a legal requirement, as stated in the United Nations Resolution 64/292.

However, in the Balearic Island there is a lack of clear, publicly available data about the quality of the tap water in different parts of the island as well as on area specific alternatives where tap water is not potable.  This results in confusion and potential overconsumption of plastic bottled water, which in turn has detrimental effects on the environment. 

Save The Med, Cleanwave and the organization SEAE are working in alliance to map the quality of tap water in the Balearic Islands, make this data available to the public, evaluate its' effect on the consumption of plastic water bottles and ultimately specify actions to take based on the results. To succeed, we need as many people as possible, from all Balearic municipalities, to help us by demanding data that is rightfully theirs. Fundación Rezero, Amics de la Terra, Mallorca and ONGAWA have already joined this initiative and we invite you to do the same! 

You can personally support this campaign by sending an official letter to the responsible company / city council in your municipality requesting the complete analytics of your tap water and it’s periodical provision to the public. Once received, we ask you to send this information to us. (Necessary contact information and draft letter will be provided to you by Save The Med)

The information you receive will then be analysed by Save The Med staff in collaboration with experts in the field, and the results we be made available to the public.
To help us with the campaign we ask you to send the following information  to

Name and surname:
Municipality of residence:

We will send you the letter and prepare a database with the objective of monitoring the results.

The project will be carried out in the islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, and includeinformation about the entire water cycle: from the origin of the aquifers to the treatment of desalination plants and plants for water management by the administration, and finally, possible actions by citizens as water consumers. 

Zero Waste Guide

On November 20th 2019 Bea Johnson, the pioneer of the Zero Waste movement, visited Mallorca for the first time. During an exciting event at  Trui Teatre, organized by Viveco and Save The Med, Bea taught us how to reduce waste in our homes and lead a more minimalistic and environmentally friendly lifestyle. She shared her experiences based on her home country, but also showed us that her method is applicable anywhere. 

So that all of us who live on the island can apply the knowledge shared by Bea to our own lifestyles, we have gathered information about some companies from Mallorca that offer products which facilitate a zero waste lifestyle, and which collaborated with us during the event. By sharing this brief Zero Waste Guide with you, we hope that you will more easily find alternatives to single use plastic as well as creative ways to reduce your waste. 

We also invite you to send us information about other shops in the Balearic Islands that promote products that are reusable, returnable and sold in bulk.

Zero Waste Guide

Join us as we celebrate a waste free Night of San Juan!

The Night of San Juan #ZeroWaste initiative was started a couple of years ago at the beach of Portixol by a small group ocean lovers who felt an urge to turn this highly polluting event into a magical night where humans celebrate in harmony with nature. With your help, we are spreading it to involve many different parts of the island! By showing that this night can be celebrated without polluting our beaches we aim to put a stop to plastic pollution and its' negative consequences. 

To do this we encourage people from all around the island to join forces with us by organising a waste free San Juan night  with your friends and family on your local beach. Anyone can join! Individuals, families, groups of friends, companies, neighbourhood associations, NGO’s etc.

And it’s all very simple: Invite your loved ones to celebrate Night of San Juan and agree that you will use reusables instead of using single-use items. Organise fun activities, competitions, music or a small beach clean if you'd like, and make sure to upload your photos with the hashtag #nitdesantjoanresiduzero.

Visit the website for tips for a waste free celebration!

Wet wipes and ear bud sticks

Plastic cotton-bud-sticks, along with other types of sanitary waste, are some of the most common items we find during our beach clean-ups. They remain in nature for centuries, accumulating pollutants and harming wildlife while slowly breaking into smaller and smaller pieces which get digested by sea birds and marine animals. This happens all around the world despite that alternatives made out of natural materials such as paper, wood or bamboo are available. 

Help us get rid of their plastic version by telling politicians, manufacturers and retailers that we don't want them in the Balearics! 

Wet wipes and ear bud sticks