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Through mutually beneficial, lasting relationships with businesses committed to supporting marine regeneration we open new doors, inspire and support companies in reducing their environmental footprint.

Learn about how you can join our Corporate Partner Community below!

How can a business become a Corporate Partner?

A company can become a Corporate Partner in different ways:

  • By making a monetary or an in kind contribution* which is limited to one year, unless a new agreement is made. 
  • By making an annual monetary or in kind contribution which is renewed each calendar  year. (recommended minimum commitment of 3 years)
  • By contributing a percentage of the company’s annual turnover, based on the previous calendar year. (recommended minimum commitment of 3 years)
  • By launching a product campaign where a predetermined percentage of the profits are contributed to Save The Med’s work. 

Depending of the type and level of their contribution and their preferences, our Corporate Partners select between two types of Corporate Partner agreements, the benefits and limitations of which are detailed below.

Each Partner is allocated a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum rating and their collaboration is communicated through Save The Med’s channels accordingly. 

Our Corporate Partnership agreements are based on tax deductible contributions. We highly recommend that each Corporate Partner consults with their tax advisor for more information. 

If you would like to become a Corporate Partner please take a minute to reply a few questions in this form to let us know in what way you are considering supporting STM, and we will get in touch with you.  

* Please contact us at if you are interested in making an in kind contribution. 

Thank you very much!

How can a business become a Corporate Partner?

Corporate Partnership Agreement Type A

The Type A agreement specifies the type and level of the annual contribution made by the Corporate Partner and allows Save The Med to communicate the collaboration on our communication channels. 

However, this type of agreement does not allow Save The Med to provide our logo, services or communication materials to the collaborator. 

While this is not ideal for some businesses, it has a positive aspect to it: according to article 25 of the Spanish law 49/2002, because this type of agreement does not include any provision of services, it is not subject to VAT. 

Corporate Partnership Agreement Type B

The Type B agreement is a more flexible option for the business because it allows Save The Med to both communicate the collaboration and provide communication materials to the company (including our logo, photos, texts etc.), to be used exclusively to communicate their collaboration with Save The Med. All communications planned by the Corporate Partner must be approved by Save the Med prior to their use/publication. 

While this is a much more flexible agreement, it is subject to VAT as it does provide what is classified, by the tax department, as a service from Save The Med’s part. 

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