Save The Med Expeditions

We're excited to invite you onboard Save The Med's expeditions to join our quest to regenerate Mediterranean biodiversity! Together with a crew of scientists, sailors and educators we explore the ecosystems of the Balearic Sea.

What we do

Sea turtles, sharks, whales, dolphins and tunas all inhabit the waters around Mallorca, yet they are under threat. To help protect them, we investigate the risk factors that threaten their survival and monitor their habitats through surveys. 

The data we collect is shared with local government and communities, research groups and fellow NGOs. Our objective is to help regenerate biodiversity and establish a network of Marine Protected Areas in the Balearic Sea.

What we do

Citizen science - Join an expedition!

Involving citizens in the stewardship and discovery of marine life is key to its protection. We want citizens from all over the world to understand the challenges our planet faces, in all of their complexity. Scientists alone cannot solve global issues like plastic pollution, or overfishing, but an educated and informed population can lead the way towards a greener and more regenerative lifestyle.

We invite anyone with an interest in marine science to join us. Pack your bag and come on board, not as a passenger, but as part of our team. You don’t need any experience sailing or in science, just a positive spirit and a desire to learn.

Artists, students, photographers, dreamers and doers are welcome to discover the real Mediterranean with us!

Citizen science - Join an expedition!


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