The Changemakers Project

Plastic pollution is an issue that affects us all and we believe that everyone can be part of the solution!

Participate in the Changemakers Project to help us reduce plastic pollution and get the chance to join the Save the Med expedition team in their quest to study and protect Mediterranean marine wildlife.

Students are changing the world

What is it all about?

Save the Med is inviting students to be part of a positive wave of change in the world of marine regeneration. This year the Changemakers Project will have three main parts to it. 

1. The Changemakers Project

We invite students from Mallorca, aged 15 - 18, to form teams and develop ideas that can help reduce plastic consumption. By implementing their projects students will help ignite a wave of change in their communities, and in May they will submit their projects to Save the Med Foundation. Scroll down to find out more about the type of project we're looking for and download the informational leaflet to learn more and participate. 

2. The Changemakers Exhibit

An event where all teams can come together! Students from all over the island will get together to present their projects to the public and discuss solutions to plastic pollution. Students will have a chance to view each other's projects, network, learn from each other, inspire and be inspired. Our team will view the projects and make a final decision before announcing the team which will join us for an expedition onboard the Toftevaag! 

3. Changemakers At Sea

The five teams with the most impactful projects, evaluated by a panel of scientists and educators, will be announced during the Changemakers Exhibit.

The teams behind the top two project will be rewarded with an unforgettable expedition experience each during the summer. For one week, students will help our scientists study marine life and human activities at sea, all the while gaining knowledge and skills to become true Ocean Ambassadors when they return.

The remaining three teams will be rewarded with a one day expedition on the solar powered boat Stenella. In addition, the classes of the five teams will receive 500€ each to invest in an environmental project, activity or excursion. 

Visit to learn more, see past years projects and sign your team up! 

Students are changing the world

The teams with the most impactful projects will join us aboard the Toftevaag!

Who can participate?

Students in the Balearic Islands aged 15*-18 and their teachers can submit a project to Save the Med. (*Must turn 15 before the end of 2021)

The event, the Changemakers Exhibit is open to everyone: teachers, students, the school community and the general public. 

The five teams with the most impactful projects will be rewarded an expedition each.

Note that no matter who you are, you can join our expeditions in accordance to the conditions specified on our Expedition page

What types of projects are you looking for?

The objective of you project will be to REDUCE THE USE of single-use plastic. We are looking for creative solutions and ideas based on the three most important Rs: 


There are no limits to how you can achieve this but we encourage you to consider the interest and talents of your team members, and think of creative ways of how you can apply them to develop a fun, creative and inspiring project! Scroll down to see some of the participating teams and projects from previous years.

How can we participate?

Download the CHANGEMAKERS LEAFLET with all the information you need about the project, participation, evaluation criteria, contact info and more! If you have any questions send an email to

  • Deadline to send us your project: 3rd of May 2021
  • Changemakers Exhibit: SPRING 2020 - exact date and place to be determined!
  • Expeditions date: Summer 2020 - exact date to be determined!

Download The Leaflet


Download The Leaflet

Unforgettable experiences at sea with the Changemakers of 2020

We'd like to thank all the amazing Changemaker students and teachers who overcame this year's challenges and, despite the confinement, kept working hard to fight plastic pollution! In this video we share some of the highlights from our time at sea with them.

Previous Projects

We have had some fantastic projects over the years! Here are a few examples of teams who really understood the challenge and whose projects have resulted in a significant reduction of plastic use in their schools and communities. Explore more project on the Changemakers website!

User name

Bio-Bellver from Bellver International College

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User name

Reductores de Plástico from Son Rullan

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